Natural Post-Operative Care Following Dental Extractions

Natural Post-Operative Care Following Dental Extractions


When teeth are removed under a general anaesthetic, the body first has to cope with the:

  • drugs used
  • bacteria and other microorganisms which enter the bloodstream at the extraction site(s) as surgery is carried out, and also afterwards until the gums and other tissues are fully healed


Natural support during the post operative period (7 - 14 days) helps to ensure a RAPID RETURN TO FULL HEALTH.

This can be provided as follows:


  1. Give Organ Cleanse to aid the elimination of drug residues from the body.
  2. Add Immunity to the diet to help the immune system prevent bacteria in the mouth entering the bloodstream, which can result in kidney disease, arthritis, heart murmurs and other conditions.
  3. If there is any pain / inflammation where teeth have been removed, Recuperation will ease this.


Both remedies can be given together - several drops 3 times daily for 2 weeks.

Organ Cleanse can then be used at 2 monthly intervals throughout the year, as described in our Natural Detoxification guide (see below).



Recuperation can be kept in the first aid box, to aid a return to full health following any kind of injury.

Immunity is good to give lifelong, as a research study around 13 years ago, showed that one of the ingredients (powdered whole plant Echinacea purpurea) given to mice from weaning to late middle age SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED LIFESPAN and REDUCED THE RISK OF CANCER.


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