Looking After Our Pets Emotional Needs In This Climate of Anxiety and Stress

Looking After Our Pets Emotional Needs In This Climate of Anxiety and Stress


Our pets are hard-wired by evolution, to be acutely sensitive to what is happening in the world around them. And this includes changes in the environment, and the emotions felt by other animals and people they share a space with.   

For example, a recent scientific study published in the highly respected journal Nature, confirmed what many of us who love and care for dogs and cats already instinctively know - that pets can pick up on and mirror how human companions are feeling, particularly when they are anxious or stressed.



"Our results show that long-term stress hormone levels were synchronized between dogs and humans, two different species sharing everyday life. This could not be explained by either physical activity or by the amount of training. Since the personality of the owners was significantly related to the HCC (Hair Cortisol Concentration) of their dogs, we suggest that it is the dogs that mirror the stress levels of their owners rather than the owners responding to the stress in their dogs. To our knowledge, this is the first study to show interspecies synchronization of long-term stress."

Given the widespread anxiety and stress that currently exists as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, it is important in light of these findings, to look after our pets emotional and physical well-being at this difficult time, as well as our own. And naturally calming and relieving stress is one measure that can help a great deal. This can be done by adding a few drops of Fears and Anxieties (a clinically proven* remedy made from natural botanical extracts) to food and water twice daily, and also sprinkling in the environment (particularly sleeping areas). Lots of reassurance is important too, as always, as is finding time to unwind and relax ourselves.



So that as many pets as possible can be supported through the uncertainty ahead, we are offering a FREE bottle of Fears and Anxieties worth £18 for every one purchased from now until the end of April** using this link

And if 2 bottles are more than needed, perhaps consider donating the FREE Fears and Anxieties to:

  • a worker in the NHS or any of the other vital services
  • an elderly or vulnerable neighbour
  • an animal charity
  • someone else with a much-loved pet who would benefit


 *In Dr. Vince MacNally's veterinary practice

**While stocks last. For full T's and C's, please see this webpage.

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