I have tears in my eyes writing this...

I have tears in my eyes writing this...


For the last 3 years, Bonnie has really struggled with her health, and has had extensive investigations for weight gain, lethargy, 'depression', itchy paws (which before medication she would chew furiously), hypertriglyceridemia (a persistently high level of triglycerides in the blood), recurrent ear infections, yeast overgrowths and other conditions.

 "We often have to coax her out of the door and when she's out, she moves very slowly, it's often more a stand in the park, than a walk."

2 weeks ago, following a full medical history review, Bonnie began an individually tailored natural diet...



Joanne's Report

"I thought I’d drop you a line with an update on Bonnie.

So, we took it slowly with the transition averaging 2 days on each stage. She had her first 100% meal of your Raw Chicken on Wednesday night, and her first full day yesterday. We’ve been monitoring her closely and other than 1 day early in the week where she had a touch of diarrhoea, her stools have been solid and regular. If anything actually, perhaps a little too hard – pellet like. We’ve been adding a quarter spoon of Digestion split across meals, and we are increasing that today to a quarter teaspoon each meal. She absolutely LOVES the food and is devouring every meal in seconds.

She is still licking, but no more or less. She is on the Apoquel still – I know you said we’d need 7 – 10 days before her system cleans through before we can look at that. I should also add, there was a lump on her front left paw which I was concerned about and I’ve put her in to the vets today to have some samples taken. They tried to get some on Tuesday, but said she was too agitated and the results would be inconclusive, so she’s been sedated this morning to get better quality samples. I understand that’s more medication, but I just wanted to have that lump checked so she can essentially move forward and I know I’ve had her looked at thoroughly.

It’s obviously very early to say, but the results so far have been excellent! She is so, so much brighter – she looks happier, more energetic and is even jumping up and wagging her tail when it’s walk time. She’s skipping across the road to the park, and even had a few runs with Clarkie – it’s been absolutely wonderful to watch and I have tears in my eyes writing this. 



She’s getting more vocal too – which is a great thing as far as I’m concerned. She seems so much more active, energetic and vibrant. Her coat looks shinier and softer. And she’s lost weight too – I had her on the scales this week and she weighed in at 10.45 kg. She still has a way to go, but it’s a great, great start.

The only question I have at this stage is about tit-bits. We haven’t given her any at all, but wonder if it’s OK to reintroduce some of the cooked chicken cubes as mentioned in the guidance – or do you think we should leave her with pure raw for a bit longer, until she’s had the 10 days and we can monitor the licking / itching?

We are just so excited about this journey Vince and I’ve cried with joy several times this week watching my little girl look so happy and full of life. I can’t even begin to find the words to thank you. I’m so hopeful this will be the start not only of her recovery but a really fantastic new lease of life for her.

I’ll drop you a line with another update next week.

HUGE thanks and so much happiness,

Jo and Bonnie

Jo Dunsford MInstF (Dip)

European & UK Director


PS – Clarkie is also loving it and bounding around with his usual bundle of energy (and noise ).


Life-Changing Nutritional  Care

It's obviously very early days for Bonnie given the extent of her problems, and the fact that one of them is a genetically inherited condition.

The significant improvements seen so far however, as a result of the combination of dietary changes, natural supplements and remedies, are very encouraging...


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