Grooming Stress?

Grooming Stress?


Many pets, understandably become anxious when being groomed.

An unfamiliar environment, strange smells, the scent of other animals, being restrained (no matter how gently) and other factors, can all trigger innate fight or flight reactions which can make the whole experience stressful.

If there is any sign of this occurring, it is best nipped in the bud before it becomes a real problem.

The following approach works well for many pets:

  1. Start giving the remedy Fears and Anxieties the day before grooming and continue until the day after. This can be done by dabbing a drop on the lips and a paw with a clean finger 3 times daily, and also adding to the pets drinking water.
  2. Ask that a couple of drops of the remedy be sprinkled around the grooming table to provide additional stress relief.
  3. If anxiety is pronounced, arrange if possible to visit the salon once or twice weekly for a month or so, so that your your pet can be placed on the table and reassured for a minute or two without having anything done. These trial runs over time, along with giving several doses of Fears and Anxieties before and afterwards, will gradually help a pet remain calm, relaxed and less stressed about the whole grooming experience.


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