Vince the Vet Natural Cruciate Ligament Support for Dogs

Vince the Vet Natural Cruciate Ligament Support for Dogs


Risk Factors For Cruciate Ligament Rupture 

  • medium, large and giant breeds
  • genetic predisposition for developmental problems (check breeding history and health of previous generations)
  • nutritionally unbalanced or inadequate diet*
  • obesity
  • excessive strain on joints (working dogs, endurance events such as CaniCross, and high impact sports such as Flyball)    

*to ensure your dog is fed a complete, balanced diet which provides all the nutrients necessary for optimum musculoskeletal health request a Vince the Vet Precision Nutrition Diet here


Joint Repair

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture is common in dogs, especially in medium and large breeds.

This typically causes the affected knee to become:

  • unstable
  • inflamed and
  • painful

Surgery is frequently undertaken to restore limb function and prevent further damage occurring to the joint, which over time can adversely affect mobility.



Recuperation given 3 times daily post-operatively for the duration of the convalescent period (typically 8 - 12 weeks):

  • supports the body's natural self-repair processes
  • soothes soreness, and
  • aids a rapid return to full health



Although joint reconstruction is effective in many cases (at least in the short term):

  • degenerative joint disease often develops at a later date as a result of the trauma involved
  • the ACL in the opposite leg ruptures in more than 50% of dogs within a few months / years



Natural Support

JOINTS provides a rich supply of nutrients which nourish ALL joint structures to:

  • aid a rapid return to full health in the injured leg
  • support musculoskeletal strength in the healthy knee
  • maintain flexibility and ease of movement for as long as possible

For MAXIMUM MOBILITY long term, it is best to continue supplementing with JOINTS indefinitely.


Long Term Impact

Stiffness inevitably develops at some stage following cruciate ligament damage.

Although supplementation with JOINTS along with the measures below, can delay this for many years, additional help is often necessary as dogs age. This can be provided by giving JOINT SUPPORT too, which naturally soothes uncomfortable joints and aids ease of movement.

For the best results, give 2-3 drops three times daily by gently dabbing on the outside of the lips with a clean finger, or adding to a small amount of food. Several drops can also be stirred into the drinking water daily. Both Joints and Joint Support can be continued without pause. 




In addition to providing a highly nutritious diet and the nutritional joint support outlined above, canine massage and hydrotherapy provided by fully qualified professionals can be invaluable in achieving the best possible limb function.


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