Chronic Digestive Disturbances - The Response To Life-Changing Nutritional Care

Chronic Digestive Disturbances - The Response To Life-Changing Nutritional Care


Evie is our Boxer who is nearly 2 years old.

Evie was weaned onto a raw diet at the breeder’s. We feed all our 3 dogs a good quality commercially bought raw diet. Because we feed a good quality raw diet, the poo output of all our dogs is small, hard and weighs very little, it is consistently excellent, especially compared to kibble fed dogs.

We fed Evie an excellent raw diet, specifically for puppies, when we bought her home. However, whilst all seemed well in the initial months, by the time she was 1 year old, Evie’s poo output became variable. Sometimes it was as we expected, at other times it was either softer, or in a larger volume, or weighed heavier, than we would expect from a raw fed dog. She had a couple of episodes of diarrhoea, which is very unusual for our dogs.

We tried a couple of different high-quality raw diets, but her poo output remained variable, whereas our other dogs’ output was excellent and very consistent as usual.

As both a qualified and accredited dog trainer & dog behaviourist (IMDT & IMDTB) I know that diet can affect dogs physically and psychologically and I often recommend that clients change their dog’s food. The gut-brain axis is an emerging and fascinating field. What you feed your dog can affect them behaviourally as well as medically.

Other than the bouts of diarrhoea and inconstant poo output, Evie seemed well and full of energy. However, we had difficulty getting her to physically fill out as we would expect, despite increasing her meal allowance to well over the usual maximum amount recommended. She remained looking very skinny and her ribs and hipbones were always visible.

Most vets don’t venture far from treating symptoms of diarrhoea and I know that canine nutrition features only briefly during veterinary degree study. Our own vets are very good in many respects but fall into this category.

One of my behaviourist colleagues and friends is also a long-standing veterinary nurse and after discussing Evie with her, she suggested Vince the Vet, as someone with a long interest and practice in issues connected to canine nutrition.

An initial free phone call with Vince, as a result of my email enquiry, made me sure that this was the vet I needed for Evie. Vince explained how Evie likely had obtained insufficient Colostrum from her initial mother’s milk and how this could affect her gut microbiome (gut bugs). Vince explained that Evie was likely on the cusp of Irritable Bowel Disorder. That made so much sense and I had no hesitation signing up for Vince’s remote consultation package.

We arranged for Evie’s clinical records to be sent to Vince, from our own vet, for him to review. We then had a Zoom consultation with Vince, following which he sent an initial 8-week nutritional plan. This involved changing Evie’s food to Vince the Vet raw food, giving a particular probiotic with 14 live strains of bacteria in a capsule and using a progressive number and amount of various Vince the Vet supplements.

We kept in touch with weekly updates and another Zoom call.

After 15 weeks, not only is Evie’s poo output back to being consistently small, hard and weighing little, but her body condition has improved so much that she looks amazing! Looking at photos of her before we consulted Vince and after 15 weeks on his bespoke dietary plan, its difficult to believe that she is the same dog!


We are thrilled with Vince’s expertise and advice. The results speak for themselves!

I have recommended Vince the Vet to several of my clients when digestive issues are disclosed during my behaviour consultations. I have also recommended Vince to some of my professional colleagues.

I don’t give recommendations lightly. I’m known for being very particular in this respect.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vince the Vet. If you suspect that your dog’s digestion may be affecting them behaviourally or medically, get in touch with Vince the Vet.

Qualified & accredited Dog Behaviourist & Dog Trainer.


Options to improve your pet's diet and enhance well-being


Add Health Promote Max to their diet.

(Begin with one supplement, and add the others at 2 week intervals as long as the stools remain well-formed and health otherwise good.)

Individually Tailored Natural Diet

Individually Tailored Raw Diet

Targeted Nutritional Support

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