A New Kind of Veterinary Care

A New Kind of Veterinary Care



Working alongside and in harmony with conventional veterinary medicine, Vince the Vet provides pet owners with a unique range of clinically proven* holistic products which support optimum health naturally, so that dogs and cats everywhere can benefit from the very best all round care.

The specially formulated natural supplements provide the nutritional building blocks the body needs to form healthy organs, tissues and cells. Many of the nutrients these supply, are either missing from ordinary food, or are not present at levels which are needed to have the greatest, positive impact on health and well-being.

The newly launched Pet Remedies, in addition to relieving the different types of stress many dogs and cats experience today (psychological, emotional, physiological and physical) also support the body's natural adaptive and recuperative powers. This helps the body function as best it can, for as long as possible.

The expert advice provided is based on successfully helping tens of thousands of pets over the last 35 years, and is an invaluable resource when looking to make an informed choices about anything that can potentially affect a dog or cat's health and well-being.


Also see our product pages for reviews.

In 2019 our aim is to make this new kind of veterinary care available to as many pet owners as possible throughout the UK. 

And with this in mind, we invite any potential stockists / partners to contact us as soon as possible, if you wish to be included in our plans.     

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