A Natural Diet To Support Renal Function

A Natural Diet To Support Renal Function


Kidney failure is common in pets, particularly as they get older.

Whatever the cause (and there are many, such as damage caused by dietary and environmental chemicals, drugs, infections, poor blood flow as a result of heart disease and cancer, for example) the disease is usually progressive as more and more healthy kidney tissue is lost.

This results in a build up of the waste products of protein breakdown in the blood stream (mainly BUN and creatinine) which cause various signs of ill-health, including:

  • increased thirst

  • more frequent urination

  • bad breath

  • loss of appetite

  • a sore mouth

  • excessive salivation

  • nausea

  • lack of energy

  • vomiting

  • weight loss

  • poor body condition

  • dehydration

  • twitching and or tremors



How long quality of life can be maintained when kidney disease has been diagnosed depends on:

  • the cause of the damage (where this is a rapidly growing cancer for example, renal function is likely to deteriorate much more rapidly than when the underlying cause is poor blood flow as a result of heart disease)

  • how far the disease has progressed when the diagnosis is made (creatinine only rises when approximately 75% of kidney function is lost, whereas for SDMA this figure is around 25%) 

  • the presence of other diseases in the body (conditions affecting the immune system for example, can seriously hinder the body's natural healing processes, which are important for renal tissue repair. IBD and other digestive disturbances can interfere with the assimilation of nutrients from the diet, which are important for supporting renal health.)  

In general, the earlier the diagnosis, the less severe the underlying cause and the smaller the amount of kidney damage there is, the better the outlook for prolonging quality of life.



It is important that the cause of kidney disease be treated if possible. This typically involves veterinary investigations of various kinds, plus a range of blood tests to determine the reason so that the most appropriate medication can be provided.

In many cases however, it's not possible to identify why renal failure has developed, and in these cases the focus is on helping the healthy kidney tissue that remains, to continue functioning for as long as possible. And this is where a combination of diet, natural supplements and remedies can help.


Natural Support

Although there are commercially produced pet foods available for dogs and cats with kidney disease, many are highly processed and contain chemical additives which are often less than ideal for affected dogs and cats.

A healthier option in many cases, is to feed a high quality raw or home cooked food, plus supplements and remedies which are known to support renal health as described below.

Please note - kidney disease is serious, and pets with this condition need careful monitoring with regular blood tests and frequent adjustments to their dietary regime and any appropriate medication, if quality life is to be maintained for as long as it can be.

The general guidelines below highlight some of the measures which in our experience, have proven beneficial for many dogs and cats with renal failure in the past.


1. Feed a high quality raw (meat, bone and offal) or home cooked meat.

Avoid any pet food, tit-bit or treat which  include non-organic vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs or botanicals, as most contain pesticide residues which are toxic to the kidneys.


2. Supplement with small amounts of:

Digestion - replenishes many of the B vitamins lost in urine which are important for healthy nerve function, a good appeite and a feeling of well-being.

Vitality - provides a rich supply of nutrients necessary for normal tissue repair and protecting the kidneys against the ill-effects of poor renal blood flow (oxidative stress).

Immunity - helps the body cope successfully with exposure to harmful microorganisms which kidney compromised pets are vulnerable to.

Grizzly Salmon Oil - supplies essential fatty acids and a rch source of non-protein energy.

Coconut oil - helps to boost mental alertness and provides extra calories to help maintain body condition.


3. Use Kidney Support:

Give 3 times daily as follows: 

Using a clean finger, gently dab a drop on the lips and a paw. Also stir a few drops into your pet’s drinking water.



An Individually Tailored Regime

A natural support programme, which is designed to meet the unique needs of a particular pet often helps the most.

To book this, please click on this link

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