8 Months Ago Jessie Was Diagnosed With Cancer and Given 2 Months to Live

8 Months Ago Jessie Was Diagnosed With Cancer and Given 2 Months to Live


"5th November 2019 will not be forgotten in our house. On that day, our much-loved chocolate Labrador, Jessie, was diagnosed with Lymphoma and – without treatment - given only two months to live. With the aid of an anti-inflammatory, three at the most. A capital initial letter for us – out of the blue, with no warning, the big ‘C’ had struck our family. Our Labradors have always been just that – our family. And Jessie, because she had never belonged anywhere before we found her, was even more so. So it is no exaggeration to say that we were devastated – as much by the news as by the only treatment on offer. I determined to research alternatives to the chemotherapy. This, I had swiftly learned, from the kind person who had already taken that route for her own dog – another much-loved Labrador – was a source of intense regret to her. She withheld none of the dreadful effects her big, black sturdy, noble dog had endured and, for us, it was an immediate no-brainer. Our smaller, gentle, sensitive dog with a rocky start in life that had rendered her far more fragile, emotionally as well as physically, would suffer even more – and for what? An average of 6 months’ remission, we were told. Being a believer in the power of natural health care, I didn’t care about sleep – I would find an alternative treatment for Jessie offering hope without the suffering.




My research over two days yielded encouraging results. Vince the Vet. Dr Vince MacNally. No question. A website as impressive as the multiple testimonials to his success, all of which I scrutinised repeatedly. Full of hope, I contacted him, sought a telephone consultation – he is in Cheshire, we are in Devon - and was immediately happier. The combination of his traditional veterinary training, knowledge and experience of natural medicine and its skilful application, is peerless. Add to that, Vince’s caring treatment of animals and his respect for their sentience and well-deserved right to a sound and happy quality of life, and I had struck gold!

Jessie has now been under Vince’s treatment for seven months. He requested, at the outset, a comprehensive medical record and detailed account of her history; she had come to us only at the age of three and a half and much had happened to her before that. Under Vince’s care, she has undergone a radical change of lifestyle from change of diet (from a commercial diet to simple raw meat, a dog’s natural diet, devoid of any chemicals or suspicious matter) accompanied by an intake of bespoke remedies and supplements calculated by Vince to counteract the considerable early stresses to her immune system, and to rebuild and strengthen it sufficiently to vanquish the malignant cancer cells, giving her a quality of life that we had thought no longer even a possibility. There is no concern of Jessie’s that Vince cannot remedy. And he is so fast in his responses, it is almost unbelievable. I, who was in the wrong queue when patience was given out at birth, have happened upon a professional practitioner also clearly in the same queue and I never have to wait for a response for any length of time. An added source of astonishment - and certainly beyond any expectation - is that even when he might be thought to be taking a legitimate break, nothing is still ever too much trouble for Vince and he comes back with an answer for everything - fast.

In the eighth month, then, since that dreadful verdict, I can report that Jessie appears to be thriving and everyone who sees her, says so with astonishment verging on disbelief. For half the day, she is a veritable ‘bag of beans’ which is wonderful to behold; but she is ten and she does still have some of the lymphoma in her, so she walks at a slower rate and slows up, also, in the evening particularly after the dosage, albeit reduced, of the anti-inflammatory. There is some way to go still, we realise, but best of all is that Jessie is now happy and sparkly for much of the day (she actually smiles, so I know it) and I – who had thought never again to be sparkly or happy, myself, where Jessie is concerned - am delighted, optimistic and so incredibly grateful to Dr Vince MacNally. We cannot say enough in his praise."



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