2019 - A 25 Year Milestone

2019 - A 25 Year Milestone




Yushi, a West Highland White Terrier who’s owners had been told to have put to sleep because of chronic, incurable skin disease, and Tina a Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund with a serious nasal fungal infection, who was also facing euthanasia, were the inspiration behind Vince the Vet.

The story of their remarkable turnarounds and restoration to full health began several years before in the mid nineteen nineties, when despite having a thriving veterinary practice successfully treating thousands of pets each year, I felt increasingly frustrated by the number of dogs and cats we were seeing, who needed constant medication with antibiotics, steroids and other drugs, to keep their conditions under control.

A chance encounter with a doctor at a Veterinary Congress, brought back memories from my time as an orthopaedic surgeon, along with the sense of awe always felt seeing broken bones magically knit together again to form functional limbs and joints. What if the same, extraordinary ability of the body to self-heal could be mobilised and supported in pets with persistent health problems to reduce the need for drugs? This thought sparked the study of many of the world’s oldest systems of healthcare, including holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, Ayurveda and homeopathy, in the UK, USA, Thailand, India and China.

It became clear from this research, that particular plants and minerals had the ability to deliver concentrated bursts of potent, health-supporting nutrients to the parts of the body where they were most needed. And, that this in turn could profoundly aid self-repair and deliver other significant health benefits. As high as hopes were however, initial results were disappointing - largely because reliable information on their use in animals was scarce, or non-existent.

Undeterred however, and spurred on by a belief that Nature could provide answers, a course was set to create blends of natural ingredients that would be effective at transforming quality of life, in the majority of dog and cats receiving them.
As a clinician, the changes seen following any kind of treatment is what matters most, and so clinical feedback was paramount in shaping the development of the supplements and remedies created, until building upon success after success, they yielded consistently, positive results in pets like Yushi and Tina.

In the decades that followed, the supplements and remedies were constantly refined and improved even further, resulting in Yushi and Tina – the inspiration behind Vince the Vet – being joined by countless other pets.

And so, just over 3 years ago, having achieved what we set out to do all those years ago – which was to maximise the body’s ability to self-repair and maintain optimum health, using clinically proven natural products that worked, Vince the Vet was launched, to make them as widely available as possible, to pet carers everywhere. The process of rolling these has taken place in stages, beginning with the supplements, and was completed last month (November 2018) with the release of our revolutionary new range of Vince the Vet® Pet Remedies.



I graduated as a veterinary surgeon from Liverpool University in 1983 and went to work for The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) in Manchester for 3 years (1983 – 1986) where I developed a specialised interest in orthopaedic surgery.

In November 1986 I left the PDSA to set up my own practice in Stockport. Over the next 14 years this became a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence, offering the highest standards of veterinary medicine and care. It was here that I began to study and become skilled in many complimentary therapies. In 1998 I gained the VetMFHom qualification after studying with the HPTG (Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group) in Oxford for 3 years.

I sold my veterinary practice in November 2001 and founded a holistic centre in Hampshire for the treatment of people and pets. This was sold in 2007 so we could look after my Mum when she became ill.

From 2007 until the founding of Vince the Vet in October 2014 I continued to offer a peripatetic holistic treatment service for pets and people.

Since April 2015 the focus has been on bringing our unique range of clinically proven, holistic supplements and remedies to market, while at the same time continuing to treat pets throughout the UK with severe and chronic diseases.



We have reached the stage where the life-changing, natural products we set out to create 25 years ago are now fully formed, and have proven themselves again and again to be highly effective at supporting health and radically improving the quality of life in the majority of dogs and cats.

The next step is for these invaluable tools for maximising the body's ability to self-repair and achieve optimum health, to become as widely available as possible to pet carers everywhere.

In 2019 therefore, our focus will be on creating a network of stockists who share our vision for a new kind holistic dog and cat care, based on the use of clinically proven products, the adoption of a chemically clean holistic health care regime, plus easy access to expert veterinary advice. Watch this space!



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