Darcie and Skylar

Darcie and Skylar



I have had my girls on Vince the Vet Raw food now for nearly 2 years and I would not feed them anything else or any other make.  The quality of the food is first class. Myself and my husband are both vegetarians but we believe that our dogs should be on a species appropriate diet, so are very happy for them to eat meat so long as it’s a good quality one like Vince’s.

My Girls loved Vince the Vet Raw from the very start, and nearly 2 years on I’ve never had a problem getting them to eat it.  The only problem I have is dishing it out fast enough for them.

Before I found Vince, my one little girl was suffering from a luxating patella and my vet wanted to operate on her.  We didn’t want her to have the operation but realised  within a short time we’d end up having to have it done as it was gradually getting worse.  We decided first to try physio with her but we struggled getting her to do the exercises as she would hide under the sofa as soon as she had an inkling we were about to start them, and what we could get her to do didn’t seem to be helping her. We'd even taken her for hydrotherapy but she hated the car journey and also the water. 

This is when I contacted Vince for some advice on what I should do.  As she was already on a species appropriate diet Vince suggested putting her on the Joints supplement, which I ordered straight away. They are now on Digestion, Vitality and Immunity as well. Since she has been on these and the raw, I can't tell you the last time her luxating patella showed itself.  

One of my girls also recently had a large anal sac lump which the vet said was way bigger than it should be and if antibiotics didn’t take it care of it, she’d have to have an aspiration taken to see if was anything more sinister.  After 4 days on the antibiotics I took her back to the Vet, and after examining her, they said she'd made a remarkable recovery, and you’d never have known that there had been a problem with her gland.

I put this down to the great diet and supplements they are on. 

Thank you Vince! 





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