Bella and Cassie

Bella and Cassie


Danielle Barker  

I have fed both of my Shorkie’s Vince The Vet Raw for over 18 months and my new kitten for the last 3 weeks. All of them took to it instantly and it’s a pleasure seeing empty bowls each meal time.

I discovered Vince the Vet when I was frantically looking for ways to help one of my dogs which was suffering with skin allergies. The difference the food, supplements and Vince’s guidance made in less than 3 months was amazing. My brood all take his supplements, fish oil and I’m now starting them on the Organ and Intestinal cleanse. I also use the worm testing kits every 3-4 months.

My utility worktop looks like I have shares in V.T.V as there’s countless products littering the sides!

I would genuinely be lost without Vince as he’s been a constant support with the health and wellbeing of my three fur babies. A huge recommendation from me ❤️




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