Raw feeding

Why Feed Raw?

Dogs and cats have thrived on a fresh, natural diet of raw meat, bone and offal supplemented by small amounts of other raw foods for millions of years.

Such a diet supplies the protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other important nutrients vital for excellent health - which is why it’s best fed whenever possible.

Why Feed Vince the Vet® Raw?

Specially formulated by Vince, an expert Holistic Vet with 30+ years clinical expertise, Vince the Vet® Raw uses only the highest quality, human food grade ingredients to promote the very best of health.

Key benefits:

  • only premium UK meat, bone and offal is used
  • specially formulated for maximum health benefits
  • every recipe is offal enriched to provide additional fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins important for health
  • a high percentage of prime muscle meat included 
  • no fruits, vegetables or gains used to eliminate exposure to toxic herbicide and pesticide residues which these and many other similar ingredients contain
  • 4 single protein recipes to aid the management of pets with dietary sensitivities and intolerances to other proteins
  • expert nutritional advice readily available by telephone and email 

Raw Food Feeding Plans

If you're thinking of switching to a raw food diet or are new to raw food feeding and would like some help, please email info@vincethevet.co.uk for a FREE feeding plan,.

Alternatively, call us on 0800 6893859 / 01952 459 896 or 0740 3663263.

Feeding Raw To Promote Health

Feeding a carefully tailored raw food diet, can help many pets.

Please see our 'Special diets' page for more information.

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