Pancreas Support Programme - Home-cooked

This programme is designed to help dogs with pancreatic disturbances.

It is based on successfully helping may thousands of dogs in clinical veterinary practice over the last 35+ years.

It involves switching to home-cooked diet, and the stepwise introduction of a series of natural supplements and remedies which support normal digestive system function (including the pancreas).

When this is successful, gastrointestinal upsets diminish, digestion improves and the risk of future disturbances of the pancreas is reduced.


The goal of the nutritional support provided, is to help maintain a healthy digestive system - including the pancreas - and quality of life.

Although this is successful for most dogs, it is not always possible to do this for every pet, particularly when long-standing or severe underlying conditions are present.


  • weekly emailed instructions for 10 weeks
  • monitoring of progress from feedback provided
  • expert veterinary advice by email as and when necessary, to ensure the best results