• Holistic Consultation - First

Holistic Consultation - First

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Holistic Consultation - First

A face to face holistic consultation enables us to prescribe individualised homeopathic remedies for your pet.

The aim is to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms to improve health.


Booking a consultation:

  1. If you haven't already requested a Medical History Review please do this first (follow the instructions on the relevant product page of this website).
  2. If this has already been done, add Holistic Consultation - First to your basket and check out as normal.
  3. Send an email to info@vincethevet.co.uk letting us know which clinic you would like to attend along with preferred times, and we'll be in touch with details of availability.



Fees paid for consultations are non-refundable, unless at least 7 days notice is given of cancellation AND the appointment is reallocated.


The scope of holistic treatment

The improvements in health possible, when the body's natural healing mechanisms receive effective nutritional support (provided by a combination of dietary changes, carefully selected natural supplements and individualised homeopathic remedies) varies from pet to pet and is dependent on many factors.

The longer a condition has been present for example, and the more damage there is to important structures in the body, the more difficult it can be to stimulate healing and reverse any changes that have occurred.

This is also true if there is a strong genetic predisposition for a condition to be present and get worse over time.

One of the reasons for conducting a Medical History Review before booking a face to face consultation, is to more accurately determine what benefits holistic treatment might or might not be able to provide.



The cost of holistic treatment is covered by most good insurance policies.

Please check with your insurer however, as the level of cover varies between companies.

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