• Vitality - 400g Multipack (6)

Vitality - 400g Multipack (6)

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Vitality - 400g Multipack (6)

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Clinically proven by expert Holistic Vet, Dr Vince MacNally BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS


Adding a highly concentrated and easy to digest, natural source of essential nutrients to the diet each day, is an important part of maintaining health, energy and vitality.

It provides many of the amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients the body needs to function as best as it can, and for normal tissue healing, regeneration and repair.
If a dog or cat:

  • lacks energy or vitality
  • has a sensitive or itchy skin
  • is convalescing from injuries or illness
    looks under the weather or is not their usual self 

and may not be getting the most out of the diet, then the additional nutritional support provided by VITALITY can help promote optimum health.
Enriching food with VITALITY also makes it easier to ensure that a completely healthy, balanced diet is fed.


VITALITY is a unique blend of 2 of the richest and most complete superfoods in the world - organic Spirulina and organic Chlorella. Added to the diet each day it:

  • provides a concentrated source of many essential nutrients
  • promotes health, energy and vitality
  • soothes itching and irritation
  • supports a return to full health following recovery from injuries and illnesses


ENHANCED nutritional support of this kind is particularly important following convalescence from:

  • malnourishment or malnutrition
  • serious health ptoblems
  • immune ssytem disturbances
  • chronic inflammation 
  • allergic reactions
  • physical injuries
  • damage to internal organs
  • cardio-vascular disease 




The mineral content of soil has plummeted by 72% in the last 100 years. As a result, food today supplies a fraction of the nutrients it once used to.

Over this same period, the demand for nutrients by the body’s natural healing mechanisms has risen sharply, as it deals with the effects of daily exposure to a wide range of toxic environmental and dietary chemicals.

And so, at a time when a richer supply of health-promoting nutrients is vital for the maintenance of good health, ordinary food supplies less.

Supplementing with VITALITY helps to ensure that the nutrients the body needs for optimum health, are present in the diet.



A specailly formulated blend of organic Spirulina and Chlorella


Typical analysis:

Crude protein: 67-69%; Crude fibres: 6%; Crude oils and fats: 1%; Crude ash: 5-6%

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