• Raw Beef with Beef Offal - 500g

Raw Beef with Beef Offal - 500g

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Raw Beef with Beef Offal - 500g

100% prime British beef, bone and offal, specially formulated by Vince, an expert Holistic Vet, to promote the VERY BEST of HEALTH.


Key benefits:

  • 1 PROTEIN (and therefore only one potentail allergen) - perfect for many dogs and cats - including those with dietary sensitivities (and associated skin and bowel problems) who are fine with beef
  • 70% MUSCLE MEAT - provides a rich source of high quality protein
  • OFFAL ENRICHED - supplies essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and other nutrients important for healthy skin, joints, immune system, nerves and endocrine gland function
  • 10% BONE - ideal for healthy teeth, bones and bowels



Also important:

  • NO fruit, vegetables, grains, botanicals or any other similar ingredients which commonly contain toxic herbicide and pesticide residues
  • NO chemical additives or preservatives of any description
  • FREE expert nutritional advice available to ensure that your dog or cat receives the best diet for them


Please note:

This is a minced animal product and so as a general precaution, always check for and remove any large pieces of bone before feeding to your pet.



Minced beef meat 70%, beef bone 10% and beef offal 20% (heart, liver and kidney)



Moisture: 75.7%, Protein: 18.8%, Fat: 4.1%, Ash: 1.4%, Fibre: <0.1%


Product description:

A complementary raw food for dogs and cats, which is the perfect foundation for feeding a highly nutritious and completely healthy, balanced raw food diet which promotes the VERY BEST of HEALTH.

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