• Raw Chicken with Chicken Offal - 500g

Raw Chicken with Chicken Offal - 500g

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No. 1 For Health

Raw Chicken with Chicken Offal - 500g


Vince the Vet® VETERINARY FORMULA RAW provides the perfect foundation for a healthy, balanced and nutritionally complete diet. 

This SINGLE PROTEIN RAW food was originally developed to provide maximum nutritional benefits in veterinary practice. It is now available so that working dogs everywhere can benefit from the healthiest possible natural diet.

  • veterinary formula for optimum health and activity
  • highest quality, 100% natural ingredients which have been passed fit for human consumption
  • perfect balance of meat, bone and offal
  • no fruits, vegetables, additives or any other potential allergens
  • single protein



Minced chicken carcass, extra chicken meat, chicken offal 20% (heart and liver).



Moisture: 71.5%, Protein: 17.3%, Fat: 7.6%, Ash: 3.0%, Fibre: <0.1%


Product description:

A complementary raw food for working dogs.


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