Fireworks Combination Pack - Save £16

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Contains 1 x 50ml Fears and Anxieties and 1 x 50ml Thunder and Fireworks

Fireworks Combination Pack - Save £16



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The combination of  Vince the Vet® Veterinary Formula Remedies, Fears and Anxieties and Thunder and Fireworks, is highly effective for naturally calming and relieving stress throughout the firework season. 

And this new, time-limited Firework Combination Pack provides both remedies for a SAVING OF £16!*



If you are starting with the Fireworks Combination Pack after 30th October, ignore the instructions on the back of the pack and use both remedies together as described below:

Give 2-3 of FEARS AND ANXIETIES and THUNDER AND FIREWORKS 3 times daily, by gently dabbing on the outside of the lips with a clean finger. Alternatively, give in a small morsel of food. 
Also sprinkle a few drops of both remedies daily on bedding, toys, sleeping areas and in places your pet likes to go when feeling anxious or insecure.

For the best results, continue using both remedies as described, throughout the whole period from Mid October to December 31st.


Also click on the link below for:

Additional Measures For A Safe and Stress-Free Firework Season 



Spring water and alcohol (25%) plus extracts of Avena sativa, Passiflora, Valeriana officinalis and Yellow jessamine.



Spring water and alcohol (25%) plus extracts of Scutellaria lateriflora, Valeriana officinalis and Yellow jessamine.



Please store in a cool, dark place away from strong odours.

Keep out of sight and reach of children.


*On the combined RRP of Fears and Anxieties and Thunder and Fireworks 

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