• Gut Microbiome and Natural Detox Offer - Save £18

Gut Microbiome and Natural Detox Offer - Save £18

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Gut Microbiome and Natural Detox Offer - Save £18



1 x Digestion 800g

1 x FREE Vince the Vet Intestinal Cleanse (or Organ Cleanse if preferred) - simply add to the comments section on checkout.


 How about this for a scary statistic?

According to The National Environmental Research Council, there are many tens of thousands of chemicals that we use in our homes, industries and food systems, and the market is growing by about 2000 new compounds per year.

And even more worrying is that many of these substances have been shown to:

  • corrupt DNA (increasing the risk of cancer)
  • destroy ‘friendly’ gut flora (disturbing digestion and the immune system)
  • poison bone marrow (which can result in bleeding disorders and / or an immune system that can’t fight off infections, protect the body against cancer or heal the body effectively)
  • inflame the bowels
  • disturb the nervous system (leading to neurological signs, such as muscle weakness, incoordination or fits)
  • damage the liver and kidneys (reducing the body’s ability to break down and excrete toxic substances)
  • disrupt endocrine glands (causing hormonal disturbances)
  • derange the immune system (weakening natural defence mechanisms and / or triggering the development of dietary sensitivities, allergies and cancer)

And although we're all exposed to these to a greater or lesser degree, our pets are uniquely vulnerable because of their much smaller size, and because they ingest a wide range of environmental pollutants that collect on their paws, coat and skin and are subsequently swallowed during self-grooming.

These include petrochemicals (from vehicles) herbicide and pesticide residues, industrial waste products and many other potentailly harmful substances.    


Two simple measures which help pets

One of the first parts of the body to be damaged by the ingestion of chemicals is the gut microbiome.

And this has been linked to many health problems, including digestive disturbances, immune system functioning, hormone regulation, and even mood and behaviour.


Adding Digestion to the diet daily, encourages the growth of friendly bowel bacteria to help the gut microbiome cope successfully with the daily intake of any harmful chemicals.


Helping the gut microbiome recover from the damage caused by the ingestion of toxic substances, is the first step in protecting our pets from the consequences of living in an increasingly polluted world.

The next, is to help restore a healthy, intestinal environment.

Giving Intestinal Cleanse for the first week in every month, aids healthy bowel function.

And this is important for the natural elimination of chemicals from the body in stools - which helps to prevent the build up of harmful substances in the body.

NOTE: Intestinal Cleanse also assists with natural worm control.


Clearing the backlog

In addition to supporting the gut microbiome and intestinal health, there is another measure that can help to reduce the risk posed by environmental pollutants.

And that is to help the body's organs of detoxification (liver, kidneys, bowels and skin) eliminate the waste products, toxins and other harmful substances which can accumulate in organs, tissues and cells over time.

This can be done by giving Organ Cleanse regularly every 2 months. 


Coming up.... learning the lessons from a scandal that led to this toxic chemical now being found in virtually every living thing on the planet.  

*Offer only available until midnight on July 31st 2020, while stocks last.

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