Renal Support Regime - Raw option

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Renal Support Regime - Raw option


Kidney dysfunction / failure is common in pets, particularly as they get older.

This typically results in a build up of waste products in the body, which cause a variety of signs, such as:

  • increased blood levels of BUN, creatinine and / or SDMA
  • an increased thirst
  • more frequent urination
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • lethargy
  • deterioration in body condition
  • a sore mouth
  • bad breath
  • a tendency to vomit or regurgitate food
  • dehydration
  • fluid and / or electrolyte disturbances



In most cases kidney dysfunction / failure is progressive and ultimately results in pets being euthanased when the toxic effects of waste products building up in the body, become severe and irreversible.

Treatment prescribed by a vet can help to prolong life, but the rate of progression of the disease largely depends on the underlying cause of kidney damage, and how severe this is when the diagnosis is made.

The earlier compromised renal function is detected (the level of SDMA in the blood is currently the best test for this) the more scope there is for maintaining quality of life for as long as possible.


Natural Kidney Support

The most effective way of helping pets with renal problems naturally, is though a combination of dietary changes, natural supplements and remedies.

The raw food fed should be as easy to digest and as nutritious as possible so that maximum nourishment can be obtained with the least effort by the body. This is provided by the Vince the Vet single protein recipes. Fruits, vegetables and grains are best avoided, as these are among the most chemically treated foods, with most containing pesticide residues as a result. And many of these can cause kidney damage.  

The right diet can ease the workload on the kidneys, but this alone is not sufficient to provide maximum support for continued renal function. Supplements and remedies are necessary for this, to ensure that the additional nutritional demands which arise as a result of renal dysfunction are met, and that the body copes as effectively as it can with the rising level of waste products in the blood.

It is also important that blood tests are carried out at regular intervals and that diet, supplements and remedies are adjusted accordingly as the disease progresses, so that quality of life is as high as it can be given the stage a pet is at.


 Renal Support Regime - Raw option


  1. Chicken with Chicken Offal - 10kg. This will be supplied in 500g packs, but can be changed to 1kg packs if preferred. A different protein can be ordered subsequently, if for any reason this would be more beneficial for any reason.
  2. Digestion 400g
  3. Vitality 200g
  4. Kidney Support 50ml
  5. Questionnaire - this will be supplied by email following ordering, so that individualised advice can be provided.
  6. Written plan - step by step instructions on what to do.
  7. Email support - recommendations going forward, based on blood monitoring.   


Read how this helped Poppy.



This kidney support regime is intended to complement veterinary treatment.

The goal is to provide maximum nutritional aid for continued renal function and to help maintain quality of life for as long as possible, given a pet's own, unique individual circumstances.


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