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Summer Support

Summer is an exciting time for people and pets alike, with the promise of fun, sun and play outdoors, while enjoying the warmer weather. 

There are a number of challenges however, which can potentially spoil the party, such as the:

  • stress of injections at the vets and the challenges these can pose for the immune system  
  • rapid proliferation of fleas and many other skin irritating insects
  • anxiety of traveling to and staying in holiday homes, kennels, catteries or pet sitters houses
  • increased contact with other pets and the bugs they may carry  

SUMMER SUPPORT is a collection of 3 clinically proven, natural remedies and a supplement, which help to ensure a SAFE and STRESS-FREE holiday season for all.


1. INJECTION VISIT (antibiotics, vaccines, steroids, anti-inflammatories)

Give several drops twice daily to reduce the stress of going to the vets for an injection of any kind.

Also give for 10 - 14 days afterwards to help maintain a normal, healthy immune system.

Repeat every time an injection is given.



2. INSECT IRRITATION (fleas, ticks, lice, mites, stinging plants)

Apply a drop locally 3 - 4 times daily to areas of skin irritated by contact with insects and stinging plants such as nettles.

A drop can also be applied to the lips or nose to ease the agitation and stress caused by sore skin.



3. TRAVEL ANXIETY (journeys, staying in a cattery / kennel / pet sitters home)

Give as often as needed before , during and after a journey to soothe and calm.

Can be dabbed on the lips, nose or a paw with a clean finger, and also applied to bedding, the surrounding area and a bandana around the neck if desired.

Also sprinkle throughout the new location (e.g. holiday home, cattery or kennel accommodation, or pet sitter’s house) to aid settling in.


4. IMMUNITY (contact with other animals and biting insects)

Adding Immunity to the diet each day, supports a strong, healthy immune system, which is important for the body to cope successfully with exposure to harmful microorganisms carried by other animals and biting insects.

This is particularly important during the holiday season, when many pets spend more time in the garden, are boarded in a cattery or kennel, or visit beaches, parks, communal areas and pet shows.





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