• Fears and Anxieties 50ml

Fears and Anxieties 50ml

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Fears and Anxieties 50ml


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Vince the Vet® VETERINARY FORMULA REMEDIES are clinically proven* blends of plant and mineral extracts which support the body’s natural ability to cope with stress and to self-repair.

These REMEDIES were originally designed to provide safe, natural and effective health support in veterinary practice. They have been made available so that dogs and cats everywhere can now benefit from the same high standard of natural care.



  1. Unique Veterinary Formula developed over 25 years.
  2. Clinically proven in veterinary practice.*
  3. 100% natural ingredients.
  4. Calms and relieves stress in pets sensitive to a wide range of triggers.
  5. Used daily, helps to build confidence and reduce anxiety in stressful situations.

To get the most out of this product please read the guidelines below:

Anxiety or Reactivity

Grief or Pining

Grooming Stress

Separation Anxiety

Thunder and Fireworks


Helps pets cope with general fears and anxieties, and naturally relieves stress.

Give frequently when needed to help restore calm as follows: 

Using a clean finger, gently dab a drop on the lips and a paw. Also stir a few drops into your pet’s drinking water.

For added support, sprinkle several drops in the area around your pet and onto their bedding, and also put in place a reward based retraining programme. 


For chronic anxiety or stress, the remedy needs to be continued for at least several months, and used in conjunction with positive, reward based reconditioning exercises to help effect long term behavioural changes.


Anxious or Stressed Pet? Which Vince the Vet Veterinary Formula Remedies Are Best?


A guide to using Vince the Vet® Veterinary Formula Remedies



Spring water and alcohol (25%) plus extracts of Avena sativa, Passiflora, Valeriana officinalis and Yellow jessamine.


Please store in a cool, dark place away from strong odours.

Keep out of sight and reach of children.


*In Dr Vince MacNally's veterinary practice.

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