Itchy Skin Relief Programme - Raw Diet

This programme is designed to help dogs with itchy skins.

It is based on successfully helping may thousands of dogs in clinical veterinary practice over the last 35+ years. 

It involves switching to a raw diet and the stepwise introduction of a series of natural supplements and remedies which help the immune system gradually become more balanced and less reactive to environmental and dietary allergens (typically over 3-6 months). 

When this is successful, itching becomes less intense, the skin and coat improve, and there is a reduced need for repeated courses of immunosuppressive medication such as steroids, Apoquel, Cytopoint, Atopica and others drugs.


Where itching is long-standing and / or severe however, it can take 9 months or longer for a significant improvement to be seen. And for those pets with a strong genetic predisposition to react severely to many different allergens, some level of medication may always be required. 


  • weekly emailed instructions for 10 weeks
  • monitoring of progress from feedback provided
  • expert veterinary advice by email as and when necessary, to ensure the best results