Case Histories

I first met Vince twenty years ago under very stressful circumstances when having my dog put to sleep. It was apparent from the start he was a very genuine and caring person with an absolute passion for helping animals. I knew from this point onwards I would always take my animals to him. Our second dog Nala, suffered with arthritis from 3 years of age. Alongside conventional medicine Vince suggested homeopathic treatment which turned our dog's life around, giving us a further 6 years with her. He really is an amazing vet... even our dog liked him :) Chris Walsh Stockport

'My first encounter with Vince The Vet was when he took over my local veterinary surgery some twenty five years ago. As I run an animal rescue I needed a good vet and in Vin I found an absolute miracle worker in many ways. He showed a great interest in the animals he was treating and would go that extra length to either find a cure for their ailments or to make the rest of the lives they had more comfortable. Needless to say that when he gave up the practice some 14 years later I was gutted. What a pleasure it is now to have him once again putting his talents to the care and welfare of animals. I can't wait to try these new products out on the animals in my care.' Susan Margaret Challinor Otterspool Animal Haven Stockport

I wanted a Homeopathic Vet to give me a second opinion as I wasn't happy about my new dogs diagnosis of Panosteitis. I found Vince in a Stockport practice who treated her with Homeopathic remedies and Aloe Vera (she had a compromised immune system). The care and attention Vince showed to her was wonderful and I trusted him immediately. Lucy recovered in 2 days and lived to a good age of 14! Both my dogs loved going to see Vince - I think the treats in his shirt pocket helped as well!! Anita Thornley Stockport

HUNTER'S LYMPHOMA "My dog Hunter had been diagnosed with lymphoma and given 3 to 4 months to live. His vet who was excellent, said there was nothing more could be done. I contacted Vince who agreed to treat him with homeopathic remedies. Hunter lived a further four years with a good quality of life and died at the age of 14. Vince is a wonderful caring vet and his treatment works." Stewart Lancashire

29-05-15 Harry is an older Tabby cat (18+). For over 12 months he has been suffering from kidney problems. His appetite was not good and he was losing weight. He did not go out much, was lethargic most of the time and slept a lot. The traditional veterinary treatment did not help, so we decided to try homeopathic remedies which Vince The Vet prescribed for him. The change in him has been remarkable. From week 1 his appetite improved dramatically and over 3-4 weeks he has been putting on weight.  His coat has gone from being dull and lifeless to being glossy again, and he is going out much more often. In short he seems much happier and is more like his old self. THANK YOU Vince The Vet! Julie & Stewart Bolton Update 21-07-17 Harry is still on his remedies and is doing well, despite his great age and a few more health issues!

07-06-15 Nine months ago, I underwent surgery for a jaw operation, to correct an under-bite and misalignment within my jaw.  The initial diagnosis suggested a lengthy recovery period of around six to nine months, which would have seriously intruded into the final year of my University degree.  As a trainee teacher, being adaptable and flexible are two qualities one must value to succeed and flourish within the world of education.  Therefore, after seeking advice from Vince The Vet on the potential positive impact Homeopathy could have on both the recovery time frame, as well as the quality of the recovery, I opted to undertake Homeopathic treatment, alongside conventional medicine. I felt that prior to the surgery, it would be important to explore all potential medicines and healing procedures, to ensure that my recovery time would be both as brief as possible and not too arduous to endure.  Therefore, the importance of receiving Homeopathic treatment from someone who has extensive conventional medical experience, as well as Homeopathic-specific training, was the most logical and sensible step to take.  To many people, it may seem a little strange to go to a vet with a human medical query, but as previously mentioned, Vince The Vet has got the in-depth medical expertise from decades of experience, as well as the compassionate understanding, which aligns perfectly with Homeopathy.  I therefore never worried about the previous career of my 'medical expert'; his credentials and explanations spoke abundantly for themselves, and his knowledge of the appropriate dosage, path, and treatment routes were always well justified and grounded in 'medical common sense'. Moreover, it was frankly the best decision I could have made.  The initial prediction of serious inflammation and discomfort was set at 12 weeks.  By the two week mark, the inflammation and physical discomfort I had been 'promised' by hospital staff was not only nowhere to be seen, but actually had never really materialised to such an extent.  By taking the Homeopathic remedies a few days prior to the surgery, my body was able to adapt and ready itself for the journey and operation it was about to undertake.  In turn, the recovery time on 'the other side' was clearly dramatically reduced and enabled me to rapidly return to University and to a "normal" way of life, with ease and simplicity - in ONE SEVENTH of the predicted time frame! After six to eight weeks, I had regained nearly all sensation within my chin and lower lips.  Considering I had been told to expect a SIX MONTH waiting time, this unquestionably shorter time period provided all of the evidence and convincing I had initially yearned for.  Nine months on, I have made a full recovery, with not a single side effect or downside to report from taking the remedies I was given.  If I were to summarise the experience up in one singular question, it would be: Why not try it, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain? Andrew Cheltenham

14-07-15 Our dog Millie is a real foodie, so when she started going off her food it became a worry. The pattern would repeat for 2/3 days every month. Millie would refuse to eat and present with an obvious upset stomach and diarrhoea. We asked ourselves the usual questions. Where had she been? What had she eaten etc, but there wasn't ever any obvious reason. We would encourage her to eat with chicken and rice, which she would reluctantly pick at, and then of a sudden her appetite would return to normal until the next time. We take a holistic approach to our dogs health wherever possible, and so following a consultation and discussion with our vet Barbara, we introduced a pro-biotic into Millie's diet. This helped a little, but after a few weeks the problem would reoccur without reason. We then tried a course of antibiotics thinking she may have picked up an infection, or eaten something while foraging in the woods, but poor Millie continued to have flare ups and one nasty bout of colitis. It was at this point our vet suggested that we try Dream Digestion from Vince The Vet® - and what a dream it's turned out to be! The magic prebiotic, rather than probiotic powder, which contains many other healthy goodies, is added to her food, which she doesn't even notice. The pre-biotic formula works a treat for Millie and it encourages her own body to create and maintain healthy flora in her gut. It's now been 2 months and Millie hasn't had any more flare ups of the problem, she is back to her joyous bouncy self and loving life. Thank you Vince from Millie and us. Cate Shropshire

28-08-15 My lovely ginger boy Jasper was causing me great concern, he was over grooming and pulling his fur out, leaving unsightly bald patches. We’d had several visits to the vet who gave him steroid injections to calm the situation down. Whilst they made him comfortable again in the short term, they weren’t solving the problem. The repeated use of steroid injections concerned me greatly and so I decided to look for an alternative. My husband and daughter see a homeopath and so I looked for a homeopathic vet and found Vince. The next major problem was that Jasper is terribly frightened - particularly of men - and has been since we had him as a small kitten. Vince was extremely understanding and we managed the inevitable examination between us without too much trouble. Following the various remedies Jasper’s fur is now regrowing beautifully, his system hasn’t been weakened by the use of more steroids and I felt I was really helping him. I’m so glad we have chosen an alternative route and would definitely recommend Vince to anyone. Sue Sutton Coldfield

30-08-15 Piccolo, a 14 week old Mini Rex Doe with an attitude problem, became aggressive at 12 weeks, growling and biting - and tihs got worse as the days went by. It reached the point where it was impossible to clean her out. After consulting with Vince I ordered some homeopathic Sepia to try as a last resort. I moved her inside the house away from the other rabbits and introduced the Sepia into her water according to the advice given, and was amazed at the change within a couple of days! She is now back to her sweet self with no sign of aggression. I have reduced the amount of drops slowly and she is currently on 2 drops in her 500ml water bottle. If she shows signs again I will up the amount again. In the past I would have had to get rid of her, as you cannot breed from a doe who is like that, because the chances are that she will kill her babies (or you!) Piccolo will be entered for the London Championship Rabbit show in October and have I have high hopes of her doing well. Without your help Vince, she would not be going.... Thank you! Christine

24-09-15 I am foster mum to Alice, a tiny kitten who was signed over to a local rescue earlier this year. Worryingly she sustained three fractures , cause unknown, and was experiencing pain episodes and developing a very strange gait.. Exhaustive tests and consultations by her excellent vet led finally to a diagnosis of Type 2 rickets and she began a regime of medication together with weekly blood tests to monitor her response to the high doses she was prescribed. Alice is now 10 months old; her mobility has improved steadily and she is active and adventurous, very vocal and full of life and character. The only downside has been that in spite of increasingly high doses of medications over a period of months her blood calcium levels have remained consistently low and below the normal spectrum, an indication that she is not absorbing them. The rescue is run by Margaret Challinor who has known Vince for many years and has faith in him as a vet and has continued to consult him in his career in homeopathy. Margaret suggested consulting with him over Alice and he came up to assess her in July following an initial telephone consultation. Alongside her conventional treatment Alice has been taking remedies prescribed by Vince; in the last six weeks, for the first time Alice’s blood calcium levels have steadily increased and are now within the normal range. Her appetite has always been good but has increased even further and it is hoped that her next set of x rays will confirm the improvements. Vince clearly takes an enormous interest in his four legged patients and his gentle and empathic approach is very reassuring and engaging to anxious owners as well.    Sally Copeman Stockport  Update 17-01-16   Alice as can be seen from the photograph is remarkably well! Blood calcium levels have remained stable in the normal range. The 'spinning' episodes which were occurring once to three times daily before Christmas have not been seen for over 3 weeks now. She has also grown; is less sensitive to strong light and loud noises, and is noticeably more responsive and interactive with those around her. There is still a mild cerebellar ataxia present due to the congenital neurological damage she sustained, but even this is less marked than it was and appears to hinder her little. All in all Alice is a very happy cat! She will continue with homeopathic treatment for the foreseeable future.

30-09-15 "I can't thank Vince enough, it is so lovely to have found someone who fully understands and always provides helpful, detailed answers to my numerous (!) questions. Our cat Ben has had problems with very hard, thick crusty skin on his footpads and a few other ailments, it was just getting so confusing, with only steroids that worked temporarily. We really felt on our own in finding any real solution at getting to the cause rather than just masking symptoms. We now have that so longed for solution. The skin on his footpads is so much softer and the worst of the thick crust is well on its way to clearing up. Not only that but Vince also gave advice about a small allergy problem his sister was having and she is now better (not to mention advising about my yearly struggle with hay fever - subsequently my symptoms stopped for the first time in years without drugs!!) I know there is a lot of skepticism surrounding homeopathy, but the results don't lie and I 100% believe in it. We are so grateful for the help and advice given to us and the wealth of information on natural remedies and nutrition - next up, RAW food!" Claire Leicestershire  Vince's comment Ben was diagnosed with idiopathic hyperkeratosis of the footpads by a skin specialist in February 2013. This is generally considered to be an 'incurable' condition of unknown cause, which typically needs lifelong steroids or other immunosuppressive drugs to provide relief. Ben was in fact on such medication for nearly 18 months, before he began homeopathic treatment. Later on Ben also developed extensive hair loss, and signs indicative of eosinophilic granuloma complex on his face. Despite this, following 4 months of holistic treatment, which included homeopathic remedies, Claire reported several days ago: "Ben's fur is almost back to normal, legs are fine, just stomach fur to thicken out.  The black on his chin has gone and his lip seems normal. His footpads are better still..."  Update 28-02-16 Hi Vince, Just wanted to give you an update as requested for 4-6 weeks time. Basically, Ben is fine! I want to give you another photo to show that the crust along the base of his front pads has GONE! There are still some pointy hard bits on some digitals as mentioned before so still not completely gone - but a layer of crust has been on the front base part of his pads (apart from steroids temporarily clearing it) since 2013!! So pleased :) Also, they both absolutely love the Dream Digestion - can this be given to them long term?  They actually ask for it every day!  Now we need to go and buy some of your RAW food, it's so good that we can just buy a little bit to try now your products are close by. Many thanks, Claire

24-11-15 The first time I knew of the existence of Vince, was when I was searching the internet for something that may help my cat, Lula, who has an overactive immune system / allergies. Her symptoms started in October 2014 when she was two and a half years old. I felt so sorry for her as she was continually scratching, biting and over grooming. She had sores and loss of fur on her back legs and face. In December she had to have her tonsils out as they were so large they thought there was a possibility that she could choke. Unfortunately, angry looking swellings then developed on the back of her tongue and she has had them ever since despite trying prescription food, flea treatment and, worse, drugs. I have never tried holistic treatment before, and to be truthful I suppose I would have tried anything to help her as my vet wanted me to trial another strong drug, so I was getting scared by this time. Vince was amazing, he explained everything that was 'going on' with Lula and explained the importance of building up the immune system and of feeding species appropriate RAW food. Obviously, all pets respond differently, but after being on Fighting Fit and Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed for 12 days the lumps on her tongue were half the size and she had stopped scratching. Her beautiful coat has now grown back, her steroids are now being slowly reduced and she has turned into a happy little 'pocket rocket'. I have found Vince to be a very professional, knowledgeable and highly qualified person, but he is extremely approachable and best of all genuinely cares enough to do everything he can to get your pet well. Nothing is too much trouble, and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Vince, Jane and Lula.   20-12-15 Hi Vince, unfortunately Lula has another flare up. Started with swellings on Friday and a larger one this afternoon with yellow/white blobs. Two things are different - off the steroids (about 8 days) and had the homeopathic Graphites. Can you help on what I should do? Many thanks Jane Vince note: the current homeopathic remedy was stopped and an earlier one repeated 05-01-16 Hi Vince, an update on Lula: lumps on tongue now reduced and are quite small - they don't seem to bother her at allpoop very goodover grooming completely gone.scratching around head and chin 95% betterchewing nails 85% betternow eating raw chicken and turkeystill continuing with BEABT (Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed), FF (Fighting Fit), DD (Dream Digestion) and coconut oil (Slick and Sleek) once a dayvery playful and lovingsteroid-free 6 weeks tomorrow  whoop, whoop!!!! So far so good. Holistic treatment rocks! Happy New Year. Jane and Lula

21-01-16 "In July 2015 we were told by Liverpool University Small Animal Hospital that our 10 year old rescued German Shepherd Dog (Gunnar) had liver cancer and that the only option was surgery to remove part of his liver. In the past year Gunnar had already had 2 operations for cancer – first losing part of his lower front jaw and then 9 months later after a cancer appeared in his tail, this was completely amputated. It was during the follow up after the tail amputation that tests showed the liver cancer. Because we felt that he had gone through so much already we were very reluctant to put him through more surgery. We were told that if we did not have the cancer removed it was unlikely that he would live more than a few months; that he would go off his food and there was a risk of the cancer busting the liver etc. After speaking to my local vet he backed up our decision, saying that if it was his dog he would not put him through more operations either, especially at Gunnar’s age. So we decided that we would just bring him home and let him have the best life he could with the time he had left. I had heard about Vince’s treatment of Donnie so I thought I would ask if there was anything we could do to help Gunnar. Gunnar started having Holistic treatments from Vince in July (2015) and has been on no other treatment at all.  We are now some 6 months on and I am glad to say Gunnar is well, with no sign of the liver cancer bothering him at all and no loss of appetite either, as he's eating everything he can. When Vince first visited and we started the holistic treatments Gunnar was almost bald on his back end where the hair had hardly grown back from where he was shaved for the tail amputation on 27th May (2105) almost 3 months earlier. It was regrowing very slowly, but since being on the holistic tablets the hair has grown even on the patch on his spine where the epidural was given, which had been totally bare. The only problem that Gunnar seems to have now is wobbly back legs - possibly due to the morphine epidural that was given when his tail was amputated. But, some days that seems to be improving too so hopefully in time..." Jan Newport  Update 05-10-16 Good Bye Gunner Sadly, we had to say a fond farewell on Saturday to Gunner. 14 months ago his 'Mum' and 'Dad' were told his liver was likely to rupture within 2 months, causing him to bleed to death, because of inoperable cancer. It was a real blow to his family, especially as he had already soldiered on after having the lower half of his jaw removed, followed by his tail in the previous 18 months. As luck would have it, he met Donnie's Mum and Dad in the waiting room at Liverpool SAH, and inspired by Donnie's progress decided to try Holistic treatment, despite the grave prognosis. Since then, supported by specially formulated immune supporting supplements and a variety of homeopathic remedies, Gunner has lived a full and joyful life, with no visible evidence of the liver cancer or signs of internal bleeding. Sadly, several months ago, he developed CDRM - a progressive degenerative neuropathy - which paralysed his back legs. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't halt this disease, and it was the loss of his mobility, and control over his bowels and bladder that made euthanasia a few days ago, the kindest choice. We'll always remember Gunner for the 'gentle giant' he was, and his Mum and Dad for caring for him with such devotion, to the very end.

02-02-16 “What a difference 3 weeks makes! Molly was diagnosed with pancreatitis last April / May. She is 11 on the 6th of February 2016. I changed her to a raw food diet which she improved on, but had a lot of trouble with yeast infections in her ears. Put a post on a Facebook Group page asking for advice and Marita tagged Vince The Vet for advice. Vince advised me to change her diet and go back to basics with his RAW food and supplements, and to add one food at a time to see what she reacted to. I really can't believe the difference in my baby girl! She is more alert, not sleeping as much, walks faster on her walks and now enjoys going out for walks. No more tear stains and not pulling up when I touch her tummy. At the moment I have had no more trouble with yeast in her ears. Vince sent me a Holistic Health Plan which included supplements and in 3 weeks my baby is back to being a pup again, playing, which she has not done for years. I put this down to her getting older...obviously not the case, just caught the back end of Molly playing with my youngest. She is full of it and loves the Vince The Vet RAW food!" Christine Lancashire

29-02-16 I would just like to say a big thank you for your advice on RAW dog food. I had no idea about it when I first came to you. Ruby my 4 year old Labrador suddenly last year became increasingly distraught itching, scratching etc. She almost made herself bald at the base of her tail. Despite repeated visits to the vet the only thing they could offer was a blood test which proved she was allergic to dust mites, grain, grass and wood. She was then put onto steroids which cleared the matter up for a while. I bought expensive dried food which I kept in a sealed container. The itching and scratching came back with a vengeance so I took her back to the vet and and they suggested the steroids again. I was not happy about this at all. I came across some information about RAW food and decided to investigate. I then came across the Vince The Vet website and emailed Vince. His advice was invaluable. He guided me into the correct way of feeding Ruby. As you can see from the photo Ruby is thriving on Vince The Vet RAW food and has hardly any itching & definitely doesn't scratch like she used to. Kim my 13 year old is also on Vince The Vet RAW chicken and turkey. She has a spring in her step and is so much better on RAW. I urge anyone looking to change from dry to RAW to talk to this kind and very genuine man. I am so very thankful I came across him because I was at my wits end as to what I could do to help Ruby. Best wishes Christine Essex

09-04-16 Tunkisila required an unexpected spay and after several days she continued to bleed so much that she required a blood transfusion and was dangerously close to dying. My conventional vet is not experienced in the practice of homeopathy and wanted me to give my dog high doses of steroids on a daily basis. I am experienced enough to understand the damage that steroids can cause to the health of an individual and I was therefore, reluctant to do this. Thankfully, Vince was already on the case and sent me homeopathic remedies with strict instructions of when to give these to Tunkisila (every 30 minutes during the day and every two hours during the night). Perseverance, trust of the remedies (and of Vince) and daily contact support from Vince (regardless of how busy he was) healed my dog, without the need for a strong dose of daily steroids. Day by day Tunkisila showed little signs of improvement, all showing she was moving in the right direction. Vince also provided great advice on nutritional support whilst Tunkisila was so unwell, as well as powdered supplements to add to her food. Vince was there not just in my hour of need, but second of need and you really can tell that his love is the health of a dog and making a dog well. Vince provided exceptional daily support and dedicated as much time as was required, regardless of his busy daily schedule. If it wasn’t for Vince and homeopathy I do believe that either Tunkisila would no longer be with me, or that she would now be facing another battle with steroid related disease. Thank you Vince and Anne for your devotion, love and genuine sincerity about Tunkisila's health. Dr Isla Fishburn.

11-05-16 Topsy Perry, 10 year old Cocker Spaniel with attitude. Topsy was first diagnosed with having kidney failure when bloods were taken pre operatively for the removal of a lump in her groin. The operation could not go ahead. Everything we read regarding kidney disease in dogs pointed to diet being the key to maintaining kidney function. Our vet was unable to offer any advice other than using proprietary dog foods for kidney disease. We found Vince The Vet online........... I emailed him & he responded immediately........ his response was so positive, for the first time since the diagnosis was made I felt that Topsy did have a future. Vince came to visit us at home & spent time listening to our detailed observations of Topsy & her life. Topsy also took to Vince, usually she leaves the room when we have visitors but she lay down beside him & snored. Vince formulated a diet plan........ no easy task for a food driven spaniel. He gave invaluable and much needed support whilst we settled Topsy on her new diet & homeopathic remedies. She loved the food & supplements.......... was just disgruntled by the lack of volume. With Vince's help we persisted & eventually she settled. Her energy levels increased, her coat improved & she seems younger and happier than she has been for years. She has certainly found her voice, barking at the fridge for food. After a month of the new regime, blood tests not only showed stable kidney function but an actual 20% reduction in urea levels in her blood. A very positive result. Having Vince's expertise, supplements & ongoing support has given us the confidence to plan our annual trip to Corfu with Topsy, something I couldn't have imagined 2 months ago. We are ever hopeful that with his continued care, alongside our regular vet, that Topsy will maintain a good quality of life for as long as is possible, whilst also realising that kidney failure is a progressive disease . It is obvious for the outset that Vince does care greatly about animals and has their very best interests at heart. Fiona and Allan Perry  NEWS FLASH! 11-05-16 (later on in the day) Topsy's latest bloods - BUN down to 16.5......... that's a 26% reduction from the original 22.5. Creatinine down to 178 last result was 203 Even Topsy has grudgingly conceded that the diet is worth it............. Corfu here we come! Cannot thank Vince enough

'Fozz had been through the wars during 2014 / 2015 with a full tail amputation; pseudomonas infection; skin allergies and acute renal failure due to contracting leptospirosis. My conventional vet saved him and was wonderful, but 12 months into the recovery process told me Fozz was basically as good as he was going to get. I felt fortunate just to still have him around. He was however, still lethargic and his exercise tolerance was next to nothing; he was deep sleeping and having occasional bouts of severe diarrhoea, so I looked into alternative therapies and moving him back onto raw feeding, rather than the low protein renal food he'd been put on. One month after our initial consultation with Vince and the combination of supplements, homeopathic therapies and the reinstatement of raw, Fozzer's energy level is definitely improved and I no longer have to drag him out on a walk! Click here to see Fozzie now! (He's the one on the right.) His coat condition is also better and he's requiring less application of a steroid spray for his allergy. I'm now hopeful we will continue to see an improvement and he will live a full and active life once again' Susie Cheshire Update 04-05-17 Two years following diagnosis of kidney disease and 6 months on from a diagnosis of DCM (Dilated Cardomyopathy) Fozz is looking superb! He has been treated by Vince (alongside my conventional vet) for the past 18 months, with Digestion, Vitality, Immunity and homeopathic remedies, and he will be a very respectable 9 years old in Aug. Last week he ran an agility course, yesterday he did water-rescue, and he never misses a walk! He's eating well, is now a perfect 75kg, and his coat looks fabulous! He really is loving life, long may it continue! Susie.

12-06-16 'Vince to the rescue again! After helping me to stabilise my youngest dog, who developed a form of epilepsy after being given worming treatment, I got to know and trust Vince very much. Highest on his agenda is helping owners and their pets, as he didn't make any money from of me (sadly, as I wished I could have paid him for his professional help). And yet he and Anne stayed right by my side (amazing). Little did I know within a couple of months Vince and Anne would come to my rescue yet again with my eldest dog Yago, who became lame in his rear end. Because of financial restraints, I could only have X-rays done, but nothing significant showed up and so I was sent away with steroids and a very poor prognosis. Vince and Anne calmed me down and gave me hope where there was none that I could see. Vince coached me through what natural remedies I could use to help him, and also sent some of his Supple and Sprightly. As a result he has improved enormously and has a quality of life back I never imagined possible. I now have the honour of spending more time with my lovely boy Yago , which I didn't think I had when he first became ill - and that is priceless. The photograph shows Yago on his walk yesterday. I am beyond grateful. I will always have a picture in my mind of Vince going into a phone booth, spinning round and coming out with a Superman outfit on, saying Vince to the rescue! I think his whole mission is to show that alongside medical science, there are other ways we can help our beloved pets when they become ill - and it's not over till it's over. Many thanks Vince and Anne.' Christine from Dorset.

17-06-16 I would like to recommend Vince The Vet's Holistic Health Plan for cats. I have two young British Blue cats. At the end of January I visited my vet because Bliss had a problem with her teeth. The vet diagnosed gingivitis and stomatitis. He explained that it was a chronic condition which involved the immune system. Bliss had an antibiotic and steroid injections and another appointment was made for a month's time. The long term prognosis was not good. I came home in a state of shock, but determined to find a better solution. I checked the web for a holistic vet and found Vince The Vet. I rang him up and I explained the situation. As I live 3 hours away we arranged a consultation over the phone. As a Vet he was fully conversant with Bliss's diagnosis and prognosis. He explained about the Holistic Plan for transitioning to a raw food diet and the benefits it would provide for Bliss's immune system. As I have two cats I decided to commit to the plan. Bliss and Sunny used to eat cooked chicken, kibble and wet food. I ordered the supplements Dream Digestion, Fighting Fit and Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed and we began the process. First we moved from kibble and wet food to cooked chicken increasing the percentage of fresh food fed every 3 to 4 days, from 25% to 50% to 75% and then to 100% chicken. Next we changed from cooked chicken to raw chicken breast or turkey mince using the plan. Finally we transitioned from raw chicken or turkey mince to VInce's RAW food - again using the Holistic RAW Food Feeding Plan. Dream Digestion was introduced during this stage and then the other supplements one by one. Depending on how well the girls responded to the food, some stages took longer but that ok - patience pays off in the end! One problem we had when we introduced the raw chicken / turkey, was that the girls didn't pooh for nearly 8 days. Vince recommended adding a small amount of lambs liver and that did the trick. A big advantage of raw food is there is little smell from the stools. Another more important benefit, is that Sunny no longer has bowel problems. During the process I had a number of melt downs - but thanks to VInce's practical support we peresevered with the transition and are continuing with the RAW food diet. Both Sunny and Bliss are doing very well on this diet and we are all a lot closer for it. My local vets are very good, but I feel I have a partnership with Vince on the Holistic Plan, which gives me the confidence and support to continue. One thing I have found with the raw food is, I had to put my feelings to one side and recognise that raw meat is natural for cats, and they are not being deprived by not having kibble in their diet. I now know what they are eating and they are healthier for it. We do add raw chopped up chicken breast if they need a little tempting but their staple food is VInce's Raw Food and supplements. We add 1-2 teaspoons of water to the final mix as the powders absorb moisture. Although there is always fresh water available, they get most of it from the food. I know the process of switching to RAW seems involved, but once you are through the transition, it's more straight forward. The benefits are also amazing! Bliss and Sunny are as healthy as they can be, and I know in my heart I am doing the best I possibly can to give them a good quality of life. You are in good hands with Vince. Jan, Bliss and Sunny

05-07-16 "Wendy had her first Holistic Consultation with Vince in May 2016. She was diagnosed in June 2015 with a histiocytic sarcoma of her front leg. She had surgery, then radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Following her third 3 monthly CT scan in May she remains in remission, and we could not be happier. Wendy is so very precious to me and my husband. I searched for a Holistic Vet and found Vince. I felt that I needed help in supporting Wendy further, in order to keep her healthy and help prevent or delay any reoccurrence of the sarcoma. I wanted to do everything possible. Vince provided me with a lot of advice and set out a Holistic Treatment Plan for Wendy based on continuing to raw feed, and adding the supplements he advised - Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed, Dream Digestion and Fighting Fit. I was to also give Wendy the little homeopathic pills prescribed daily. I am delighted to say that with Vince's help Wendy remains very happy and healthy, and is living life to the full. She enjoys her food - I was worried at first that she would not accept it with the supplements, but slowly adding them did the trick and she accepts her food readily. I am looking forward to our follow up meeting with Vince tomorrow and am so grateful for his help and support. I felt at a loss when I got the shocking news of Wendy's diagnosis and did not know where to turn to help her more, and prevent this horrible disease from recurring. I was so very sad. Then I found Vince. His support and understanding has helped me to remain positive. The genuine love and kindness that he showed for Wendy the first time we met was just amazing - I can't thank him enough. He is a true inspiration and I would truly recommend him to anyone. Wendy was a rescue dog from the RSPCA at 18 months old, is now 12 years old and still acts like a puppy! She has been through so much and has amazed us all by her strength and continued love of life. I am so very grateful to Vince for caring and helping Wendy (and myself), for the kindness he has shown and for supporting us along this journey." Best wishes, Julie Merseyside

13-09-16 Hello Vince, Just an update on old Mick's progress. Mick started taking the homeopathic remedies as soon as they arrived (4 weeks ago). He has no difficulty in taking them and after a couple of days he had less difficulty in sitting down. It wasn't perfect but very much improved. He is now on all the supplements as advised (Supple and Sprightly and Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed) and the salmon oil (as well as being fed raw). He is allowing me to brush him for longer periods now and his coat is starting to shine. His skin also seems to be improving and shedding less dandruff. I have been regulating his exercise as he still likes to chase his frisby with the other dogs, and has even chosen to run over some rocks at the beach. But I do put him on the lead for short intervals, hoping it will help him recover a little better. My daughter has visited and mentioned he was looking more relaxed in his face, and it's nice that someone else notices a difference. My young bitch has been in season the last 3 weeks and I think she has been flirting with him rather a lot, which gave him a little more exercise than he should have had but he coped with it well! I will send a video of him at the beach if I can. Regards, Debbie Herron Cornwall

6-09-16 Dear Vince, Just wanted to let you know how Yago is getting on after our visit to the Royal Veterinary College Hospital in London. Thank you for the unbelievably kind messages and donations of everyone who contributed to Yago's fund or supported in other ways - I will always be so indebted and grateful to each and every one of you. After having examinations and blood tests, the consultant's opinion was that Yago is in no pain and that an operation was not going to achieve any significant improvement in his condition. He did comment on how well behaved and gentle he was during the examination (that's my boy!). He concluded that Yago was significantly paralysed on his rear end due to a disc problem around the middle of his spine. I discussed at length the various options presented to us with the lady who donated the £1000.00 (who came with me to the RVC) and we decided not to try and raise more money for an operation. I did of course offer her the £1000.00 she had donated back, but she wanted me to keep the money to give Yago the very best food and equipment available to help him. So so kind. Now what can I say about Vince? Vince. Wow! No words can say what support, help, and advice he has given me through this terrible ordeal, not to mention dealing with the fits that my youngest dog Boris has endured after a really bad reaction to medication. Due to my own health challenges, I really was not coping too well. But Vince and his dear partner Anne, have literally carried me through to where we are today, which is unbelievable and unimaginable. He advised various treatments and gave me the full range of his supplements for both boys - and what a difference in both of them! I still can't believe it! Wait till you see the pictures! Vince is a credit to his profession and to humanity. His only ambition is to help, to re-educate people into rebooting their pet's inner health, to enable their bodies to heal themselves, whenever possible. And I can only say that I have seen with my own (skeptical) eyes, an amazing transformation. All I want for my beloved dogs is no pain, and to see them happy, free and having the chance to live a full life. Vince has helped me achieve that wish. I really thought it was all over for my Yago back in April now look. Enough said. Thank you - every single one of you for helping me. Thank you Vince and your amazing supplements - especially Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed. Christine

24-09-16 Well where do I start!!! Back in March 2016, Raw Paws Pantry was planning on Vince The Vet visiting their centre. We booked an appointment as we had hit a brick wall with Oscar. Oscar is a 2 and half year old West Highland White Terrier. We had heard of 'Westie skin', but you hope your pup won’t get any problems. How wrong were we!! From nearly day one he has had problems with his skin, ears and stomach, resulting in endless trips to the vets, steroids, antibiotics etc. I heard of raw feeding and the benefits, so we made the switch. Oscar had been on it a year and following an awful detox had made some improvement, but was still having major, aggressive flare ups. Without warning, he'd suddenly lose the fur on his face, neck, chest and all four legs. It would grow back, but then - for no apparent reason - it would happen all over again! Lynn suggested a consultation with Vince so we booked in for April. On March 19th we were making our monthly trip to collect Oscar’s food, when he had a huge flare up. A lot of fur came out, gunk was oozing from his armpit and Oscar was in a lot of pain and thoroughly depressed. I was at my wits end and close to tears. Lynn photographed Oscar and emailed them straight to Vince. Bless him, he was away but rang straight back - he needed to see Oscar! He told us what we needed to do and how our vet should treat him until April’s appointment. On April 7th we started our journey with Vince. What a journey it has been!! Oscar’s flare ups are instant. One minute nothing, the next he has ripped off his fur and broke the skin Vince is so understanding. He listens to every detail and is there whenever I need him. He started Oscar slowly on Vince The Vet Raw Turkey and supplements. We also had various homeopathic remedies along the way too. Each month we’ve introduced new supplements and oils. We've changed environmental things too, cleaning with vinegar; cotton sheets for Oscar - you name it! Anything to help his recovery. We've had some big setbacks along the way, but working with Vince we have overcome each one. Regular phone calls, emails and photos have helped put Oscar on the right road. I even had a melt down over salmon oil and Vince was on hand to help!! Tonight, 22nd September we visited Vince. He’s not seen Oscar for 2 months and what an improvement Oscar has made! He is nearly fully furred, happy, lively and full of beans. His coat is full and glossy. No cone of doom or baths needed!! He hasn’t had a remedy for a month and we talked about reducing his Apoquel and hopefully getting him off it altogether!! I never thought this would happen. Thanks to Vince I have my boy back. I cannot say how thankful and happy we are. I don’t know where we would be now and the state of Oscar if it wasn’t for Vince (see Oscar in action here!). Lots of love, Tracy, Graham and Oscar x

04-10-16 George started on kibble originally and seemed to do fine for a little while, but things began to go downhill as he reached junior age. He started going to the toilet 5 to 6 times a day, and this would alternate with really bad constipation and the passing of blood and mucus in his stools. George's skin also became flaky; he would itch quite badly and needed frequent visits to the vets to have his anal glands emptied. At this point I started to do some research into raw feeding. I tried a couple of different brands of raw food and there was a small change, but not a big improvement as the food contained ground bone, rice and vegetables. This did not suit George and he continued to suffer from constipation or would pass really big stools. Vegetables didn't agree at all - he just couldn't digest them. When his skin got worse (which I think had something to do with rice) I was at my wits ends and didn't know what to do, as it seemed like nothing suited him. I rang round various vets, who all disagreed with raw feeding and so didn't get any help at all from them. I managed to speak to my dog groomer who gave me Vince the Vet's number. I phoned straight away and spoke to a lovely lady called Anne. She was so helpful and reassuring, and listened in great detail to what was happening with George. I felt so relieved to be able to talk to someone who really cared about what was going on. I left my contact information with Anne and she got Vince to phone me back. What a lovely man he is, so helpful! Vince suggested his Raw Turkey mince as I thought George had an allergy to chicken. Vince sorted out a Raw Food Diet Plan for George, and we started adding some Dream Digestion to his meals,. Even though George was still on a different brand of raw food while introducing Vince's

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