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What if my pet is already on medication for itching?

Has your vet done these tests before diagnosing atopy?

If your dog has been prescribed prednisone or Apoquel for a sensitivity to environmental allergens, and you're hoping to lower the dose or discontinue medication altogether if supplementation proves effective at reducing skin irritation to a comfortable level, it's important to bear the following in mind:

1.  Any adjustments to your pet's medication must be done in consultation with your vet:

This is important to ensure that itching remains under control and complications such as secondary infections do not develop (involving bacteria or yeasts, for example).

2.  Don't stop any drugs abruptly:

Sudden withdrawal of immunosuppressive medication can cause serious health problems as the body's homeostatic systems struggle to maintain balance. In severe cases this can result in shock, and other serious signs.

Taking the brake off inflammation also runs the risk of itching returning with a vengeance, and inflammation spiralling out of control.

3.  Give PEA for 12 weeks first:

It takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks of supplementation before palmitoylethanolamide reaches peak effect (based on current understanding).

It's important therefore, that the dose of medication remains the same during this time.

4.  Test the water: 

Working with your vet, reduce the dose of medication by around 20%.

Monitor skin comfort over the next couple of weeks, using the progress card supplied.

5.  Make changes gradually: 

If there is no increase in itching or inflammation after 2 weeks, in consultation with your vet, reduce the dose of medication again, by around 20%.

6.  Determine the lowest dose:  

Continue reducing the medication every 2 weeks (under the guidance of your vet), andonly as long as the skin remains comfortable.

At some point it will become clear whether medication can be discontinued altogether without dermatitis returning, or if a low dose of Apoquel or prednisone is still required. If the latter is the case start giving Immunity and Insect plus Itch Relief alongside PEA to further support the development of a more balanced and less reactive immune system which is better able to tolerate allergens.

After 12 weeks of giving the supplement and remedy, try reducing the amount of medication again, in consultation with your vet.

If it's still not possible to lower the dose, add Vitality to the diet along with this algal oil (enter vincethevet15 at the checkout on Time health's website to receive 15% discount). Vitality provides a rich supply of antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation, while omega 3 fatty acids from algae support the body's natural anti-inflammatory pathways.  

Still having problems?

You may need to consider:

a) Taking steps to reduce exposure to irritants and / or allergens in and or around the home.

b)  Conducting food trials to determine if dietary sensitivities are a factor behind itching.

If you need any advice on where to go from here, do get in touch via the contact page on this website.