Care for your pet like Vince the Vet

Nothing spoils a trip more, than seeing a pet upset by the whole experience.

The problem is, once they associate getting in a car, on a train or using some other mode of transport with feeling sick, anxious or distressed, the pattern is set for future journeys, and can be extremely difficult to change.

Thankfully, the natural botanical extracts in Travel Anxiety plus a few kind words, can change all this.

And so, if you want to look forward to rather than dread going places with your dog or cat, here's what to do:


  1.   Two hours before setting off, give 2-3 drops of Travel Anxiety on a tit bit (a tiny piece of meat works well for most).
  2.   An hour before, do the same.
  3.   Repeat again just before getting into the vehicle, and also sprinkle several drops on bedding / a bandanna placed around the neck or tucked under a collar, and in the surrounding area.
  4.  Further doses of the remedy can be given at intervals throughout the journey if necessary.
  5.  Upon arrival at the destination, continue giving Travel Anxiety at hourly intervals until your pet is fully settled. 


The secret to success, is to start giving the remedy well in advance of any journey, and to continue throughout and for several hours afterwards.

The goal is to naturally ease fight / flight reactions triggered by motion in any form of transport (car, train, boat, airplane etc), along with any queasiness, salivation, shaking and stress, and to repeat this every time a journey is undertaken, until no signs of discomfort or anxiety are seen.

With this in mind, the remedies should be used, for as long as it takes for a pet to remain comfortable when travelling. This typically takes 3-6 months or more for very sensitive dogs and cats. 

As with all behavioural reconditioning, patience, reassurance and repetition are key for success.