Care for your pet like Vince the Vet


Surgery of any kind is a lot for the body to cope with.

There's the stress of a pet being in a strange place amongst lots of scary sights, smells and sounds, without the comforting presence of a pet parent nearby to provide reassurance. 

Sedation, anaesthesia, loss of consciousness, plus the distorted perceptions of the post operative recovery period typically result in fight-flight arousal and raised blood cortisol levels which can negatively impact healing in the weeks ahead.

The the liver, kidneys and bowels have to work harder than normal to break down and eliminate the drugs used before and after an operation, from the body. 

And in addition to this, there is an increased demand for the nutritional building blocks which form new tissues to support regeneration and repair, which depending on the diet being fed, may not be present in sufficient qualities for optimum healing to occur. 

Supporting a Rapid Return to Full Health and Avoiding Complications

The following steps help the body's natural, innate adaptive, recuperative and self-repair mechanisms restore well-being following any kind of surgery as quickly as possible. 

1.  Vet Visit plus Injections2 - 3 drops 3 times daily on a teaspoon of fresh food - not kibble - for 2 weeks post-operatively to counteract the impact of stress on the immune system and help the internal organs cope successfully with the injections given. This remedy can be used every time there is a visit to the vets and any injection is given - including boosters.  

2.  After Vet Visit has finished, give Detoxification Support: (2 - 3 drops 3 times daily on a teaspoon of fresh food - not kibble)  - for 2 weeks and then repeat after an interval of 2 weeks. This aids the elimination of drug residues and waste products from the body. The remedy can then be used for the first 7 days in each month as part of a natural worm control and cleansing regime.  

3.  Vitality provides a rich supply of antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory properties, it also provides nutrients important for tissue regeneration and repair. As it is a very rich supplement, it is best to give half the suggested amount on the label initially in food, divided between meals. This can then be increase little by little each day, as long as the stools remain well-formed, until the full amount is being given.

This can be continued indefinitely to provide a wide range of health benefits as described here.